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Qualities of a Forex trader – Timing Reward and good money management

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Hi traders,

I had few weeks off and again here to update the blog with the best of the services I can offer. Today, I am here to discuss with you the qualities of a traders which you or me all need to work and It could be really daunting task to change the habbits but once You are good at doing what professional traders do, You don’t had to follow the instructions from anybody else.

Forex trading is rewarding but facts we all must know

There is no denying the fact that trading is rewarding and that is why lot of institutions organizations are putting lot of efforts daily to facilitate trading and take their part and they don’t care what others win or lost and that is the best quality a trader can have. You should never look for what you put at stake or what others are doing and you should know what your strengths are and should always look to act when needed.

Risk Reward in Trading is the best thing a trader can work and if you are strong in getting high rewarding setups, and look for the low risk opportunities and have patience to watch out for such setups, then that it is the best thing we can do. A setup below really explains it all for a trader and such setups are rewarding when there is complete understanding of price action and you have such strong Risk Rewards and I always like 10 times or more reward and that setup certainly had the potential.

U.S dollar futures looking for direction

Its quite a while since we have seen rallies from dollar index and its counterpart Euro and reason being the dovish Fed and key data awaited and no hikes in recent months after the first hike in December last year, But I think its just a matter of time when Dollar future will find direction and when It rallies it would be the strongest in the recent weeks and months. I have a trading plan to trade dollar Index and Gold Futures and I will keep the blog updated from time to time or when the opportunity arrives and that will help you to find low risk high rewarding setups.


Gold and Silver Looking for breakouts up or down Key level for Gold Future 1300

Price has been trading in range from 1300 to 1380 for quite a while and I am still expecting that support to hold the price for a move towards 1340-55 area from where we could see another rally downwards from the Gold and there are no global clues of improvement and signs of growing global economies and economies like China, Australia biggest importer of gold are struggling from growth and hence banks are looking for tightening and it really needs a lot when they start expanding their balance sheet or we can see this type of reaction till the U.S election but I am expecting the ranges might be over in a week or so when we enter the last quarter of the year and that for me is always the most volatile quarter of all the year’s trading activity.

Trading signals or recommending trade opportunities for the week 12th september 2022

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