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Short term Trade Idea & GUide to Scalping with good Risk Reward

How to scalp currencies and make a living with day trading

It has been quite a while since I’ve updated the blog but the situation requires me to wait for war to finish and lot of things happening around like ‘Brexit, China-U.S trade war, Euro zone bank decision etc. So, I decided to wait on sidelines after trading usd/chf last week. It was one hell of a trade which fetch very good risk reward and trade was spot on after there was news that turn the market on its heels, when Trump warn China that if there is a deal, then this is the time and again opposing 10% tariff on $300 billion of goods & market react shockingly specially USD bears & crude oil & all other commodities.

That seems to be a order of the day with such rumors coming out of every corner & market react and collapse in one trading session & recovers in other. So, we are now not relying on economies but on one economy and truth is one INdividual .

Lets talk about chart. My chart of the DAy is Aus/Usd

Price has left so many clues around. IT will collapse once again around 0.6870-90 area. I would post chart and video once again when ready and will explain it one by one that why I take decisions based on my values not based on how market react to news. Price will rise and fall and then again rise and rise but we need to look out for areas where we can stop and reverse the trade. I’m a prolific seller & hardly buy in the market except when I’m given an opportunity with low risk swaping zone to buy with a good trend otherwise 90% of the time I’m handling my trading with sell trades.

More on that on coming weeks and months as I’have decided to kick on and start updating the blog on regular basis and look to help everyone the best way I can.

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