s&p 500 index looking to start another down leg towards 2072 l U.S Index update

Forex strategies ways to find imbalance on a currency chart

World Stock market are on a verge of falling over, and S&P is no different. Because of the fact US is facing assembly election next month and also federation chairman Yellen and his fellows looking for series of rate hikes next year. So, that all stands for strength in U.S dollar and weakness in stock market and I am still looking for test of the 2162 area,and then we could see decline towards 2072.

S&P and US stock Market hesitant of any bullish rallies ahead of presidential election

We have seen lot of sideways movement after we broke through strong levels and IF there are rallies then those followed by extended sideways correction and the area 2114 is much strong level both ways and any rejection here and there we could see strong decline ahead of the election in U.S. Reason being I am favoring bearish price action In S&P Index is that price has not correct too strongly after the rallies from the bottom of 1900 level and records high does not seems to be getting enough cash flow and market is quite hesitant ahead of election and that is why market can still be looking to get their funds out and spend in U.S dollar or any other liquid assets like gold and crude or even treasury bonds.

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