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Forex Trading Strategies l Forex 200 & other EMA

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Tradning EMA with other Indicators as trading Strategy Hi, Readers

I have update you with all the trades I took in the last few weeks and they are really going well and I’ve almost double my accout in 40 days. You all might have tried so many strategies and would be looking to know the reason behind my success and what strategies I’m using. I won’t waste your precious time and would like to tell you that it is not possible to copy trades and learn and have same success that others are having. You need to practice risk management yourself and spend few months of demo and there are results that will shock everyone of you. That tells the truth you that every strategies gives you results whether you are trading 200 Ema, 14 EMA or 4 Ema or any indicator like RSI, MACD, Parabolic SAR .

Main reason behind success and failure in trading is greed and patience. If you patiently work with a strategy and pick couple of pairs then I would try to tell you one strategy that gives you results and that is trading 200 EMA & 14 EMA cross over trading strategy.

Indicators to be used with 200 EMA & 14 EMA

Daily pivot Indicator
Combination of 200 EMA & 14 EMA & 4 EMA apply to close
H1 Timeframe
Rules for Entering a trade with strong risk management.
Trend has to be strong on Hourly and h4 time frame. Both the EMA should be moving in the direction of the trade. Risk per trade should be not more than 2 percent of account Equity & target should be Resistance 2 & Resistance 3 and vice-e-versa for short opportunity

Pick the economic calendar and keep an eye on expected news and if there is high impact news that is due to be release, then wait till the release & get ready afterwards with the signal . All the three EMA 200, 14 & 4 EMA should be above the daily Pivot or below the daily pivot indicator.

Signal should be taken when all the three EMA’s move in one direction and Crossover happens to be strong & trade is taken when price test the 14 EMA & EMA 4 should remain below or above the last 4 candles when signal is released. Stop should be support 1st or 40 pips whichever is closer & look to cover at 20 pips. By Covering, I means position should be trailed when the price reached 20 pips or cross 1st Resistance or Support. If a trade is plus 20 and a resistance or support is lying ahead and 4 candles did not manage to cross that area, then you need to close the trade. By trading this way, you won’t miss any continuation of trade or start of a trend.

Money management rules are strict & Entry, Exit should be in line as explained above. Check chart below for your help.

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